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We value the privacy of all individuals who browse our websites. This privacy policy outlines the guidelines and conditions under which we safeguard the confidentiality of information provided by visitors to our web properties, including The Software and its affiliated sites. We want to make sure you understand how we collect and use your information, so please check back regularly for any updates to our policy.

A. Personally-Identifiable Data Protection Policy:

Our software is designed to collect specific data from website visitors, but only when it is voluntarily provided. This can happen when visitors request information, make a purchase, sign up for services, open a customer support inquiry ticket, submit a resume for job opportunities, or send us an email. Some of these activities require the visitor to provide information, such as when making a purchase, using a credit card for payment, submitting a resume, or requesting specific information. Any personally-identifiable information provided to our software through our websites will be used to fulfill the specific request. In most cases, visitors will have the option to choose whether they want our software to use this information for additional purposes. Our software may also send bulletins and important information about our services, unless instructed otherwise. Without any instructions from the visitor, our software may use the provided information to inform them about additional services and products offered by our company, our authorized agents, and other service providers with whom we have relationships.

The examples provided in this material should not be seen as a guarantee of income. Your potential earnings are based on how you use our product, implement our ideas and techniques, and the effort you invest. We do not promote this as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and neither should you perceive it as such.

B. Generic Information that is not Personally Identifiable:

In general, our software automatically collects non-specific information that does not identify individuals. This includes details about the internet address assigned to your device, as well as the frequency and quantity of visits to our sites. We use this data to assess customer needs and improve our website using technologies such as cookies, but we never combine it with personally-identifiable information. You have the option to adjust your browser settings to receive notifications about and reject cookies.

C. The website hosting the software, server, forums, and third-party sites:

Please be aware that any information you share in public forums such as bulletin boards, chat rooms, or websites hosted by The Software may be accessed by the general public. The Software is unable to guarantee the protection of any information shared in these spaces. Furthermore, The Software’s websites may contain links to third-party sites not affiliated with The Software. It is advisable to review the privacy policies of these third-party sites as The Software cannot ensure the safeguarding of any information shared on them.

D. Exclusions and Restrictions:

Despite the above, and as required by the law, The Software fully collaborates with state, local, and federal authorities in any inquiry related to any data (including personal or private electronic communications sent through The Software) or alleged illegal activities by any user of the Service, and takes reasonable steps to safeguard its proprietary rights. In order to facilitate such collaboration and protection and in accordance with the law, The Software may need to reveal personally identifiable information. Additionally, The Software may choose to monitor communication channels to comply with laws, regulations, or government requests; if such disclosure is necessary for the operation of The Software; or to safeguard the rights or property of The Software or others. In the event of a potential sale or transfer of any of its stake in The Software and other related sites owned by the company, The Software reserves the right to sell or transfer your information (including, but not limited to, name, address, and other details provided to The Software) to a third party specializing in communication products or services; agrees to assume The Software’s responsibilities for maintaining and protecting the information collected and held by The Software; and agrees to the terms of this policy statement.